Solutions to protect the environment during your stay

On vacation as well as at home, simple actions can help respect the environment and improve life quality. 

STOP the noise!

Please refrain from making noise, especially at night.

Ski and mountain shoes are prohibited in the staircases and flats. A dedicated room to store and dry them is arranged on the ground floor.  This is where you will store your skis and clubs also. 

Energy savings

Liminaires in flats are equipped with low-energy light bulbs. 
Washing machines, dishwashers and fridges were selected namely according to their energy performance.

You can help reduce the electricity consumption by many different ways : refrain from letting the lights on when not necessary, use electrical applliances purposefully, do not leave your TV set on sleep mode, etc. 

Central heating radiators are equipped with thermostatic valves, which allow you to regulate the temperature of room for your best comfort.

Please refrain from overheating and avoid  to leave windows and doors open. Closing the shutters will dramatically improve your comfort at night. 

Save water

Each WC is equipped with a two buttons flush to release the appropriate quantity of water according to the needs.
The baths are equipped with cold/hot water mixer taps.

The sinks of the flats are equipped with cold/hot water mixer taps.

Hot water is produced for each bathroom by a 200 litres hot water tank. In all kitchens, small water heaters ensure the production of hot water for the sink.

Saving water is important in mountain areas! Use it with moderation!

Manage your waste


Your fermentable waste can be composted in a compost bin located in the grove of trees above the house.

The flats are equipped with several garbage bins or containers, allowing you to sort your waste.


The waste is collected in the Containers On the roads, with selective sorting, for glass, garbage and packagings.

A data sheet is displayed on each container:
Yellow lid for packaging
Green or blue lid for glasses 
No colored lid household waste

Various collection points are now in service. The closest one is located 200 metres below the lower station of the cable car from Rochebrune.

By decision of the Municipality of MEGEVE, the garbage collection is now only in cabins provided for this purpose.

 You must drop off there your trash and litter.

Environmentally friendly products

Cleaning products are provided with: washing powder,  dishwashing liquid. Our selection of product is as environmentally friendly as possible. 

Please make sure that you do not use any abrasive products.

Please do not use ANY ABRASIVE products! Please do not use the abrasive back side of sponges on glazed surfaces or  resin surfaces.


During your outings, please respect nature, without disturbing it.

Pack and bring back your waste. Do not leave it in the nature.

On your excursions, follow available paths to avoid damaging the surrounding vegetation.

Smoking is prohibited inside the flats 

Do not smoke inside the flats

Protect the nature from your cigarette butts. Do not throw them out.